With 50 years of M&A experience, we have actively shaped
economic history in German medium-sized businesses.

The ABACUS team will be happy to advise and assist you

ABACUS Corporate Finance has an experienced partner team of highly-qualified professionals who have been able to gain a wide range of expertise in Mergers & Acquisitions in their professional background.

From our many years of experience in corporate finance and corporate transactions, we have an international network of partner-linked M&A boutiques in all key markets on almost every continent. In this way, we can ensure our clients that, after prior agreement, we involve local partners in their respective home markets for an M&A transaction, thus gaining direct access to local investors or potential target companies in the specific countries.


  • Fabian Durst MBA and LL.M. (M&A)
    Managing Director of ABACUS Corporate Finance GmbH


Frankfurt a.M.


Senior Advisor