With experience, know-how and understanding, we successfully close transactions.

ABACUS Corporate Finance

ABACUS Corporate Finance („ABACUS“), consisting of ABACUS Corporate Finance GmbH and ABACUS Corporate Finance Oy, is an independent, international and owner-managed consulting boutique focused on Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) and corporate finance services for the german-speaking mid-sized sector. With offices in Germany and Finland, ABACUS Corporate Finance offers extensive corporate finance services for customers in German-speaking countries and in the Nordic countries.

We are a team of dedicated M&A professionals offering tailored advice on small and mid-sized Mergers & Acquisitions and corporate finance projects.

With collectively over 50 years of transaction experience and more than 180 successful acquisitions, ABACUS Corporate Finance’s partner team has the experience and know-how to professionally handle the challenges and individualities of each M&A transaction. As internationally experienced consultants, we work with our global, professional network to ensure that your transaction turns out to be successful.

We strive to achieve the best results for our clients. In order to do so, we combine our extensive experience in conducting transactions with our creative thinking and in-depth industry knowledge, with our global network of local M&A advisors and independent advisory services.

The objectives of our clients, which represent the best result of an M&A process, are as individual as the people and companies involved in the specific project. We develop and formulate those objectives together with our clients in the first meetings.

Our clients are often owner-managed companies respectively their shareholders who choose us for M&A advice as part of their corporate succession or who ask us to assist them in the targeted acquisition of strategic additions as corporate finance or transaction service advisors.

In addition, based on our experience, we have a deep understanding of the needs and requirements of family offices, high-net-worth individuals, or mid-market financial investors. These entrust us with the examination of companies (due diligence) or with the procurement of additional equity for concrete M&A transactions. Furthermore, for the general extension of their investor network via a structured fundraising, we can rely on a long-standing and continuously growing network of investors. In this way, we are able to supplement the equity capitalization of an investor in an ongoing M&A process with additional fundraising in the short term.

Our mission statement

We are driven by the awareness that buying or selling a business is more than just a financial transaction. It is about the economic security of the selling entrepreneur, often about the economic existence of an acquirer, and, last but not least, many directly or indirectly affected interest groups such as employees and their families, customers and suppliers. The upheaval that a company’s sale entails leads to insecurity and even existential fears among many parties concerned. This can lead to emotional tensions in the course of an M&A process, which can only be satisfactorily resolved with experience, know-how, and understanding all parties involved.

We are aware of the resulting responsibility and therefore provide support to our clients – through close consultation – in every single step of the M&A process. The project partner takes care of the final coordination of all documents and attends all appointments or telephone calls. Likewise, initial contact with potential investors or target companies is only made directly through personal contact with decision-makers by one of our partners.

Thus, from the first telephone call, we establish contact with shareholders, directors, or boards of the other party, thereby giving the project the importance and attention that is required and necessary in order to handle the M&A process efficiently and professionally for all parties involved.

With 50 years of professional experience, we have the expertise of over 180 successful M&A transactions, with a transaction volume of over € 3.5 billion.