ABACUS Fundraising – capital acquisition

Our investor network paves the way to short-term equity capital raising

Additional equity may be necessary in many situations. We have excellent contacts to a large number of high-net-worth individuals respectively family offices as well as institutional funds that are interested investors looking for opportunities to invest. Aside from raising additional equity capital, it is often the international contacts, special industry knowledge, or contacts with potential clients where an additional investor might be advisable for a specific M&A transaction.

If you, as an investor or as an entrepreneur interested in a takeover, have found an exciting acquisition opportunity, and the expected equity volume of the transaction is beyond your or your investor network’s capabilities, or if an attractive transaction is not in the focus of your investor network, we are happy to assist you in identifying the right equity investors from our network, thus extending your long-term investor base for possible future investments.

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  • Fabian Durst MBA and LL.M. (M&A)
    Managing Director of ABACUS Corporate Finance GmbH

    Phone +49 (0) 201 45 55 46 79