Prof. Dr. jur. Wolfgang Straßburg


has worked for many years in the energy industry in executive functions and board activities in Germany and abroad. Most recently, as Vice President of RWE AG, he was in charge of the two organisational units Group foreign offices and special projects. Since 1995, he has also represented the RWE Group as the so-called Sherpa in the worldwide e8 initiative of the electricity industry for active global environmental and climate protection. In his functions, he helped to develop RWE’s international business. He made major acquisitions for the RWE Group, particularly in Hungary, the Czech Republic and Poland. Prior to this, he was the sole managing director of an investment company with an international group of shareholders, as well as several years of management board activity in a company in the nuclear sector with major projects.

After finishing his work in the energy industry, he brought his experience to work as an attorney and of counsel in a well-known commercial law firm in the Ruhr area for around 6 years and has been practicing as a freelance attorney since then. He has been an honorary professor at the Leibniz University in Hanover since 1996 and, after many years of teaching, also director at the Ruhr University in Bochum at the Institute for Mining and Energy Law there.

Phone +49 (0) 201 45 55 46 79